About Us

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Homeless Outreach Program – HOP

HOP has been operating in Cranbrook since November 2008.  Since its inception, HOP has opened files for 340 individuals, couples and families who are experiencing some level of homelessness. HOP often has prolonged or reoccurring connections with its clients. The purpose of HOP is to assist clients in seeking, obtaining and maintaining housing.  Our program recognizes and supports the roll of Landlords in our community and seeks to support them as well.

The Homeless Outreach Program seeks to provide direct, flexible, client-centered, frontline services to individuals who are homeless or facing homelessness.  It is HOP’s primary goal to connect with people and assist them in attaining safe and affordable housing in our community.  HOP endeavours to connect street involved, marginalized, transients and new Cranbrookites to community services and programs.

An important piece of this program is to provide information to the public about the specifics of homelessness in Cranbrook. The Outreach worker periodically pools statistical data for release to the community. Statistics pooled by HOP are being utilized by our community to help quantify the need for the emergency homeless shelter on the proposed Salvation Army site and will do so for additional low income housing advancements in the future.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]